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Dental Treatment in Turkey: General Information, Opportunities and Advantages

Oral and dental health is among the most important factors that directly affect the general health and quality of life of the person.

 Scientific studies conducted in recent years have reached important findings regarding the relationship between oral and dental health and cardiovascular diseases, and it has been clearly determined that dental infections increase the risks of atherosclerosis and heart attack.

In addition, it has been observed that problems in oral and dental health increase vital risks such as high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and premature birth in women.

In addition to all these, people of all ages feel the need to attach importance to oral and dental health in order to lead a better-quality life and to gain a flawless appearance in terms of aesthetics and hygiene.

In the world, especially in the last 25 years, the importance given to oral and dental health is increasing day by day. In this regard, developing technology and dental treatment techniques are as effective as people’s awareness.

The most used dental treatment methods are Dental Implant, Dental Crown, Whitening and Orthodontics.

Dental Implants are defined by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as “medical devices surgically implanted in the jaw to restore an individual’s damaged or absent chewing ability or appearance”.

Dental implant is a treatment option that people who have lost one or more teeth often resort to avoid problems such as bone loss, speech disorders or uncomfortable chewing. Dental implants made to replace the lost tooth or teeth very effectively improve the quality of life and health of the person.

Dental implant systems generally consist of a dental implant body, implant abutment and fixation screw. Dental implants are usually made of titanium or zirconium oxide material.

Dental implant comes to the forefront in oral and dental health applications with many benefits it provides.

  • First, the dental implant is very similar to the natural tooth that the person lost. The chewing and eating habits of the treated people can continue as before thanks to the dental implant.
  • Since dental implants are made of very durable material that integrates with the jawbone, they can be carried throughout the person’s lifetime.
  • Unlike prosthesis or bridge treatments after tooth loss, dental implants prevent the loss of the jawbone.
  • Dental implants prevent other teeth from getting crooked placement over time, which is caused by the lack of teeth in the mouth.
  • Thanks to the developing technology, dental implant applications can be performed at much more affordable costs than in the past.

The main purpose of the Dental Crown application is to restore the teeth that have been damaged due to reasons such as fracture, cracking, decay, and tissue deterioration without causing loss or to make them more durable and stronger. Dental Crown applications also include procedures for changing the size or color of teeth.

The materials used as crowns in the Dental Crown application can be made from very different materials that are developed day by day. Crowns are usually made of porcelain material coated on a strong and durable metal. Apart from this, only very different materials such as porcelain, ceramic, glass, gold alloy can be used in making crowns.



  • Dental Crown application is preferred primarily because it is a cost-effective treatment. Other advantages and benefits of Dental Crown application can be listed as follows:
  • Restoring or reinforcing the damaged / broken natural tooth without losing it completely. In this way, the patient can use his natural tooth with the right intervention.
  • With the application, dental crowns improve the general appearance and smile of the patient and increase their self-confidence.
  • Crowns, which are applied to fully cover the tooth, can protect the underlying natural tooth against future decay.
  • Dental Crown application is carried out in a way that allows the person to get used to the changes in the mouth in a very short time.
  • Compared to other treatments, the Dental Crown application, which is completed in a short time, saves the person time.


Teeth whitening is one of the most preferred oral and dental health applications. The color deformation of food and beverages, especially tobacco products, on tooth enamel over time affects oral aesthetics very negatively. Color changes in teeth also occur due to aging, traumas, acid, some diseases, and drug use.

Teeth whitening is usually applied as a process of making the teeth a few shades lighter than before the treatment, to make them brighter.

This application, which is usually completed in two or three sessions, can be done in the form of gel application and laser whitening in line with the request of the person and the recommendations of the dentist. Laser whitening stands out as a more effective and faster method.

Teeth whitening can give clear results for up to five years in some cases when the patient acts in accordance with the physician’s recommendations.

The most important factor in teeth whitening application is that the treatment is carried out by specialist, competent physicians, and health institutions.

Teeth whitening, which directly affects the face and mouth aesthetics of the person, is one of the most preferred procedures in oral and dental health because it is an easy, fast, and economical application.


Orthodontics, which is one of the most important areas of dentistry, is the general name given to the interventions that ensure the proper and healthy alignment of the teeth on the jawbone in the simplest way.

Orthodontic procedures can be applied to children, young and adult individuals for different purposes and needs.

With orthodontic treatment, the operations of correcting crooked teeth, solving problems related to biting and chewing, closing irregular spaces between teeth, and proper alignment of lips and teeth are performed.

Correcting the placement of the teeth is an important treatment process to prevent many serious problems that may occur later.

Orthodontic treatment, which is usually done with braces, may also include procedures including surgical interventions with the condition of the person and the opinion of the physician.

Thanks to orthodontic treatment, the person’s oral and facial aesthetics are significantly improved, and the existing slips and distortions are prevented from negatively affecting other healthy teeth.


Dental treatment constitutes one of the most developed health sector branches in Turkey. Turkey, which is preferred in the field of health tourism, is among the countries that attract great attention and are recommended for dental treatments called dental tourism.

Turkish dentistry, which closely follows and applies scientific and technological developments, stands out in Europe and the world with its well-trained dentists. Leaving 113 years behind in Turkey, scientific dentistry has young and qualified staff every year after 5 years of medical-based education with more than 100 dental faculties spread across the country. Well-trained dentists and dental technicians successfully perform specialized and critical interventions.

The existence of high-quality, qualified dental clinics with high standards and trained dentists, which have advanced technology that made very significant investments over the years, is one of the most important reasons why Turkey is preferred in dental tourism. The fact that the satisfaction rate of foreigners receiving dental treatment in Turkey reaches 90 percent also highlights this preference.

The fact that dental treatments are carried out at very high prices in America and Europe is another important factor in choosing Turkey. Thanks to the strong infrastructure and good governance, dental treatments can be carried out in Turkey at a much more affordable cost. Affordable costs allow people to save significantly.

The attraction of the touristic experience in Turkey is one of the factors that determine the country preference for dental tourism. With its historical and natural beauties, Turkey offers a unique experience to its guests who come to the country for dental tourism.

Long waiting times and long treatment times in many countries for dental treatments make Turkey stand out in dental tourism. A dental treatment planned in Turkey can be quickly planned and carried out in a very short time.


Providing service with a broad perspective in the field of health tourism in Turkey, PMC Turkey offers various alternatives to its guests who prefer our country for all kinds of dental treatment.

In the process that starts with applying to the PMC Turkey Hotline or communication channels, first, the requests and wishes of the person are determined, then appointments are made with the most distinguished dental health institutions and professionals, which PMC Turkey has a contract with and has a certificate of authority in this regard and supervised by the Ministry of Health.

PMC Turkey deals with the transportation, accommodation and all treatment processes of its customers and their relatives who will come to Turkey for the required dental treatment, if one of the packages with different options is selected, with the principle of personalized service, keeping in touch 24 hours a day.

Arrangement and planning of all treatment procedures, accommodation if desired during the time spent in Turkey and requests to explore natural and historical beauties meanwhile are provided by PMC Turkey.

For dental treatment prices in Turkey and advantageous package options offered by PMC Turkey, you can reach the PMC Turkey Hotline and communication channels 24/7 and get information.


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